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Hello, how is everyone?... Good? I hope so. I hope everyone is having a great day so far anyway. I love great days. They are always better than a bad day, especially after one really horrible day. I had a pretty good day, I went to school (Boring), I got home, and now I'm writing this. Now, I know what you're here for. You're here for 2021 of course! But what exactly about 2021. Why am I talking about 2021 in 2022???? You may be asking. Well I wanna talk about it of course. I didn't really get the chance to write a 2021 essay review thing, so here I am now!

2021 Was a interesting year to say the least, at least for me. It was good. I met some really cool people, more specifically @korexxy and @crappyanimatorhere, two close friends that I would call two of my best friends. I also had one of the best summer ever. @korexxy and @crappyanimatorhere would stay up for hours (sometimes even all night) talking about random ass shit, and sometimes with a few other friends too! Due to COVID-19 a lot of social gatherings and other events didn't happen this year :( Pax East 2021 didn't happen, the best convention in my opinion, and the only one I have ever been to. I first went Pax East in 2019 for only one day, I only went there to test out the new ports of Castle Crashers Remastered on switch and PS4. in 2020 I went there for all 4 days, main focus was The Behemoth booth, but I did also found myself doing a bunch of other things, I also won two competitions at The Behemoth booth, a Alien Hominid one, and a Battle Blocktheater one. For the AH one I won a alien hominid figure set boxed! And got it signed by @DanPaladin. But I should probably stop talking about 2020.

I also got more into Newgrounds and the history. I learned more about the creators, and the big events of the site, and the true legacy! And no... I did not get into Newgrounds because of FNF. I actually got into NG in like 2016 because of Castle Crashers. One day I booted up the game and I was like, Woah! What's that funky logo from the second you boot it up? The account I use is my second Newgrounds account. My first I forgot about it for some time, made it on my bday in 2019. Then logged into it one day and deleted it. Talking about Newgrounds. @korexxy and I are cooking something up that has been in the works for a month now. You guys have probably noticed the little teasers that I have been posting. More info soon! Promise!! In short Newgrounds is SWAGGGGG!

I got Into a lot of new music, Hideki Naganuma , Pink Pantheres, and Kawai Sprite are some real legendssss! Seriously, go listen to some of their stuff. Awesome songs by awesome people. Favorites from these people gotta be, Hideki Naganuma: NEVER 4EVER, Pink Pantheress: Just for me, Kawai Sprite: FNF South (ERECT Remix).

So. This is just my take on 2021, it was pretty cool. Good shit. Anyway, hope you guys had a good 2021, and lets hope to make 2022 better!


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